Top Three Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

August 31, 2012

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Top Three Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Top Three Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate

Dubai, the jewel in the crown of the UAE, besides being the business centre, a top-notch tourist spot and the haven for adventurers also features a booming real estate sector.  The tax free environment, vibrant lifestyle, mixed culture, world class infrastructure, golden beaches and ultra luxurious facilities and amenities are some of the things which attract investors from around the globe to invest in Dubai properties sector and settle in the emirate.

Recently the focus of Dubai Government to earn its revenue only from oil resources has shifted. Now the government is focusing to earn up to 40% of its revenue from tourism and real estate sector in Dubai. This is the very reason why construction work in the emirate never stops and we see it becoming home to the world’s tallest and breathtaking skyscrapers.

Dubai features the renowned real estate wonders in the world like Downtown Burj Khalifa, Seven Star Hotel Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Mall which attract worldwide property investors for real estate investment. Besides the fact that property investment in Dubai is a safe and stable investment, the following pointers make the top three benefits of investing your hard earned money into Dubai real estate sector.

Offers All Time Attractive Returns

Dubai is the most sought-after location for property investment in the UAE because it guarantees all-time high returns on investment. Investors who want to earn a constant stream of income through property investment in Dubai have the following two options:

  1. Furnish their property and offer it on rent in the market for long stays for individuals and families living in Dubai.
  2. Furnish their property and offer it on rent for short stays to holidaymakers.

Since Dubai is a hot tourist and employment spot, the demand of property never falls here so it helps investors to earn all-time high stream of returns on its real estate investment.

Promises High Capital Growth

History shows, property in Dubai has the potential to grow in value and offer double or even quadruple returns to investors over a period of time. Once the investors invest in Dubai property, they certainly see significant increase in the value of their investment. Due to a large number of investors willing to invest in Dubai property, investors do not face any difficulty in selling their investment at an ideal rate any time they want. Moreover, the capital gains which investors earn while selling their investments unlike others states are also tax-free in Dubai.

Provides Best Hedge against Inflation

The fear of eroding the value of investment due to rising inflation is the major factor which hinders investors from investing their hard earned money somewhere. When investors invest in Dubai property sector the growth rate of value of investment is more than the growth rate of inflation. Though investment in gold also provides a hedge against inflation but the value of investment growth is not as high as the growth of real estate investment in Dubai. This encourages investors to invest in Dubai property, since it provides the best hedge against inflation.

These three are the top three evident reasons why the UAE nationals as well as foreigners always eye Dubai property and keep it at the top of their property investment priority list.

This post has been written by Sasha Gibbs, she has wide knowledge of Dubai real estate, Dubai Properties and Dubai Rentals.

Top Three Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate



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